Registration Process (MANDO)

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Registration Process (MANDO)

Post by Clarence_Tillman on Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:16 pm

Greetings and welcome to our forum. Before getting access to the rest of the forum, you're obligated to follow a set of instructions:

First and foremost, contact Harmen_Chatman on LSRP forum to get your forum account activated, Upstate Tribal Function reserves the right to CK you from the moment your character starts putting in work for the gang. If your char is just hanging around or there for protection, a PK is in order instead, so signing an agreement is not necessary.

There's also a couple threads in this section you're obligated to fully read and comprehend, they're basically guidelines, there'll be more detailed information in a specific section once activated.

Any concerns/questions can be forwarded to either myself or Leroyce_Collier on this forum.


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