Prisons and Jails within San Andreas

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Prisons and Jails within San Andreas Empty Prisons and Jails within San Andreas

Post by Leroyce_Collier on Tue Nov 06, 2018 2:49 am

This is a guide from the DCR forums. It relates to blacks as well as whites and hispanics across the board. If you RP a transfer from another prison, or RP having gone to Juvie here's the facilities to choose from.

Tyler_Heliker wrote:
It's important to remember that the San Andreas Correctional Facility is not the only facility in San Andreas. Feel free to roleplay coming from, having spent time in, or going to one of these prisons. They all have different security levels and age requirements. A lot of gang members have spent time in the various youth facilities. The heavy hitters often end up in federal prisons.

Each prison has it's own culture and traits. Some yards are especially violent because of who's housed there. Others are relatively quiet and full to the brim with SNY. There should be a gang presence on almost every hard yard in San Andreas. There are PENI, NLR, AB, FWG, COORS members in some of these other facilities. We've never wanted the scope of our roleplay to be limited to one yard.

San Andreas Division of Juvenile Justice (SADJJ)

Johnson Youth Correctional Facility (JYCF)
Camp Andrew Scott (CAS)

County Jails

Los Santos County Jail (LSCJ)
Red County County Jail (RCCJ)
Flint County County Jail (FCCJ)
San Fierro County Jail (SFCJ)
High Desert County Jail (HDCJ)

State Prisons

San Andreas Correctional Center (SACC)
San Andreas Correctional Institution (SACI)
Whetstone State Prison (WSP)
Oscar Lake Correctional Facility (OLCF)
Ironlake State Prison (ISP)
Cremenas Correctional Facility (CCF)
High Desert State Prison (HDSP)
San Andreas Correctional Facility (SACF)
Octane Springs State Prison (OSSP)
Bolingbroke State Prison (BSP)

Federal Prisons

United States Penitentiary, Jenkins (USP Jenkins)
Federal Correctional Institution, Kalmbach (FCI Kalmbach)


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