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What We Expect From You Empty What We Expect From You

Post by Clarence_Tillman on Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:46 pm

First and foremost, we do not tolerate rule breakers and trolls, we're here to portray a realistic environment that consists of many reliable components that produces roleplay opportunities and not wait to get spoon fed by the council, and one of those components could potentially be YOU. And during your stay in the faction we always appreciate keeping your image professional in the community and not involving yourself in any negative arguments or beefs that'd occur with other members of LS:RP, let us handle those type of situations accordingly.

We expect our members to develop believeable characters, if your intentions in our faction is to solely participate in fights and drug dealing and what not, you're really not going anywhere and you're probably going to get bored overnight, because that's not what prison is based off of. If you don't enjoy actual roleplay, there's really no need for you to go any further with us, period. There's many activities that you can perform in SACF and that will be elaborated on in the guides section.

We also encourage our members to post screenshots and keep our thread active and it's highly appreciated and acknowledged by the council, but one thing we frown upon is the useless scenarios and shots that'd add nothing to the faction and your character, we don't want our thread to be filled with filler content, keep it concise and if you do not have anything to post it's OK and better than editing useless screens.


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